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El Nino Poses a Threat to Indonesian Rural Areas


Indonesian President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo is determined to rescue his country from the detrimental impacts of El Nino.

He has instructed both Agriculture and Public Housing and Works Ministries to exert all of their efforts to maintain sufficient water supply for nationwide farms and plantations that have been subjugated from extreme drought season.

“We are now facing one vital issue of drought where our fear is placed mostly upon the availability of water supply. Water supply is necessitated for dams and irrigation system to function properly,” President Jokowi informed during his private meeting held on Thursday 6 August 2015.

President Jokowi said to have been taking El Nino case seriously and insisted for the government to establish anticipation strategy as the negative repercussions may potentially affect sectors such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

“Those who will be profoundly affected by El Nino are the ones belonging to the lower class society because they rely on these particular sectors for food and water supplies,” he continued explaining.

He went to request for a detailed report on specific areas that have suffered from drought and sought for an effective coordination among involving Ministries and Regional Heads of those areas to establish programs that are designed to prevent insufficient water supply and make assurance of its effectiveness and efficiencies.


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